Partnerships are Critical to Horizons' Success


Our Partners

Horizons is a true public-private collaboration. Independent schools donate their campus and facilities for use, while Horizons Affiliates raise their funds locally for public school students to attend the program. The relationship established between the independent host school and the Horizons program is symbiotic, benefiting both organizations by:

  • Providing an environment for learning not otherwise accessible to low income children

  • Extending the reputation of the host school locally and nationally

  • Providing community service opportunities for students, parents, faculty and trustees of the host school

  • Offering a potential resource for diversity in the school’s student population

  • Attracting excellent teachers to both the Horizons program and the host school

  • Expanding the school’s visibility in the giving community

Current Partners

Maret School

Maret is the original Horizons site in Washington, D.C. Maret is a fully mature Horizons Site serving 135 students in Grades K-8.

Head of School: Marjo Talbott / Program Founder: Kiki Sweigart

Site Director: Aaron Cahn

Partner Schools: 

Bancroft Elementary (2000)                   Brightwood Education Campus (2017)

1755 Newton Street NW                           1300 Nicholson Street NW
Washington, DC 20010                             Washington, DC 20011
Principal: Arthur Mola                                Principal: Maurice Kennard

Norwood School

Norwood’s first incubation class was hosted at Maret School during summer 2010.  In Summer 2017 Norwood will host 120 students in grades K-7.

Head of School: Matthew Gould / Site Director: Virginia Murphy

Partner School: Rock Creek Forest Elementary School (2010)

8330 Grubb Road
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Principal: Jennifer Lowndes

St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School

St. Patrick’s incubation class was hosted at the Maret School campus during the summer of 2009. St. Patrick's is a fully mature site, serving 135 students in grades K-8.

Head of School: Peter Barrett / Site Director: Rachel Levin

Partner School: Bancroft Elementary (2009)

1755 Newton Street, NW
Washington, DC 20010
Principal: Arthur Mol

Our Public School Partners

Rock Creek Forest Elementary School - Chevy Chase, MD

Bancroft Elementary School - Washington, DC

Brightwood Education Campus - Washington, DC


Horizons Greater Washington wants to thank the following past and present partners & funders.

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George Preston Marshall Foundation

Harman Family Foundation

Hattie M. Strong Foundation

Himan Brown Charitable Trust

Richard E. and Nancy P. Marriott Foundation

Took Charitable Trust


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