Approximately 390 students will attend Horizons in 2019

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for them


Our Goals

We seek to help our students achieve better academic outcomes, develop self-confidence, dream big--and pursue their dreams. Together, we can overcome the opportunity gap.

Our Programs

We provide summer and Saturday academic, cultural, and recreational enrichment programs that kindle a lifelong passion for learning and foster collaboration, creative problem-solving, and grit.

Our Commitment

We work with every student for nine years, starting after kindergarten and continuing until high school, and we bring back many graduates as volunteers and assistant teachers.

Our Results

Nationwide, 97% of Horizons graduates complete high school, and 91% enter post-secondary education, compared to 49% of low-income high school graduates as a whole. The colleges that have enrolled local Horizons graduates include Georgetown University, Montgomery College, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Virginia Tech.



Thanks to the many generous partners who support our work