Why "Spring Splash?" It all starts with a splash.

As a dedicated supporter of Horizons, you give low-income students the chance to find success and make a splash in the world. Swimming is an important part of this outcome. 

All students learn to swim by the time they leave Horizons. This is not just a safety skill. When a student finds they can now do the thing they once feared, it boosts their confidence and they bring this tenacity with them into the classroom.

So what does it meant to support this event?

Your impact at a glance (click to enlarge):


Horizons students are immersed in reading. Teachers and reading specialists work with students in classrooms and one-on-one to develop their reading skills and bring them up to grade level and above.

Students explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) education through project-based learning and off-site experiences. Throughout Horizons' curriculum, they learn to work through the challenges of design, development, and execution. Students in 1st grade use tablets and are introduced to coding. By the time they reach 5th grade, students are programming robots.  Graduating students entering 9th grade have skills in multiple devices to code, create media and 3D print.

Horizons' ultimate goal is to prepare students for success. Because Horizons' curriculum focuses on 21st century skills (collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, etc.) students are better-prepared for secondary and post-secondary schooling, as well as future jobs.