St. Patrick's

Calling all grocery gurus!  Purchasing snacks and delivering them to the site for students is a tremendous help.  You can provide healthy snacks for students by signing up to take care of snack during our summer program.  

Snack Guidelines

We hope to have the following items for snack, with an average cost of $1.00 per student:

Cheese: String cheese  (approx. $.25/stick)


  • Assorted Whole Fruits (prices Vary)
  • Fruit Cups (fruit in Juice) approx. $.50-$.75 a pack
  • Individual carrot packs (prices vary)


  • Pita Chips (generic are cheapest)
  • Whole Grain Crackers (prices Vary by Brand) approx
  • *for chips and crackers plan on approx.. 1 bag per class


  • Bulk or individual Hummus (bulk is more cost effective.)
  • For Bulk Hummus plan for approx.. 4 oz per child.

For individual items we will need the following (based on number of students at each site):

  • Maret: 135
  • St. Patrick’s: 105
  • Norwood: 9

For questions or more information about snack sign-up, please contact Noelle at