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Beginning summer 2014, students were able to swipe through pages of books, view interactive tutorials, and even perform math problems, all while using tablets. 

As the first project of its kind among Horizons affiliates in the nation, Horizons Greater Washington began implementing iPad and Samsung tablets into many of its classrooms. 

The Tablets for Education program at Horizons Greater Washington was made possible with support from Horizons National and Samsung. 

Tablets ready for classrooms

Schools across the nation are embracing tablets as a way to utilize the benefits of electronic devices in the classroom. 

At Horizons Greater Washington, we believe that tablets can be an essential part of the education experience. 

"The use of tablets will allow us to expand learning in the classroom while also strengthening students' technical skills," said Horizons Greater Washington's Director of Programs Steven Ehrman. 

Here at Horizons Greater Washington, we see tablets as the next step in improving the education experience for our students. 

Tablets at Horizons

The purpose of the Tablets for Education program is to improve education through technology. Tablets enable students to play interactive math games, read ebooks and watch responsive tutorials. 


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Our student teacher ratio is 5:1 and classes are led by veteran, experienced teachers who work side-by-side with assistant teachers.

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Recent research from Tablets for School, a U.K.-based charity, shows that tablets in classrooms are beneficial in a number of ways. 

"Not only is learning fun and enjoyable but Tablets offer variety and challenge," notes the report. "The introduction of the Tablet has given pupils a change from static school work; they can search and find information in a proactive way, not just relying on information in books or from teachers, and they have more options available in the way they present their work."

We're putting tablets to work, enabling students to gain technical skills and giving them access to cutting-edge educational applications.  

In addition, future plans for the Tablets for Education project may include application development, giving students the opportunity to learn how to program for tablets.  

Sponsors of our Tablets for Education program

Our Tablets for Education project is made possible with support from Horizons National and Samsung. 


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