Thanks to Horizons, my son always returns to school in September without having lost interest in studies or reading and he hasn’t lost what he learned the year before. Thank you very much, Horizons!
— Horizons Parent
Horizons gave me an opportunity that others can’t get and instead of staying home and doing nothing, Horizons lets me have fun every summer. They taught me how to read better and swim...also the teachers and HATs have always been there for me.
— Horizons sixth grader student
I tell my friends that Horizons is super fun!
— Antia, 4th Grade
Horizons has given me the opportunity to share my love of teaching. It has shown me that I can lead a group of kids to learn new ways of thinking about how they learn… Horizons shows me that there is great power in learning as a team and even greater growth as we all keep coming back together year after year…
— Horizons Teacher
…Math and journal exercises were great this year. I answered a lot of tough questions but it will help me in the fifth grade this year. In August, I passed the deep water test and I was so proud of myself!
— Horizons student
Horizons is the place to be.
— Natalie, 3rd Grade
..I feel that being a HAT has made me feel like a role model to these kids…being able to read with them and seeing the improvement is very rewarding…I have grown as a person and learned that if you really believe in these kids and be supportive, they really can improve and grow…
— Horizons Assistant Teacher (HAT)