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Student Outcomes

Over each five-week summer session, Horizons Greater Washington students show consistent gains in reading and math of 1-3 months, as measured by pre-post standardized assessments.

In 2018, additional data was collected by Concentric Research and Evaluation. When comparing students from partnering school districts with long-term Horizons students, results revealed Horizons students had higher school attendance rates, long-term strong academic achievement, and were less likely to repeat a grade or receive a disciplinary referral during middle and high school.

Evaluations consistently find that over one five-week summer session, Horizons students:

  • Improve social skills
  • Show increased self-confidence and motivation
  • Demonstrate greater willingness to try new things
  • Record higher school-year attendance
  • Develop greater interest in nutrition
  • Learn to swim
  • Express high satisfaction with the program