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Horizons Summer Reading List

As our Summer Program is quickly approaching, we are excited to unveil our highly anticipated Summer Reading List! We believe that reading is a fantastic way to explore new worlds, spark our imaginations, and continue learning even outside the classroom. This carefully curated list features a diverse range of captivating books that we hope will engage and inspire readers of all ages. To read along with our Horizons students please take a look at the reading list provided below:

  1. "I'm a Unicorn" by Helen Yoon: Join a charming unicorn on a whimsical adventure through magical lands and discover the power of believing in yourself.

  2. "Lou" by Breanna Cardozo: Follow Lou's heartwarming journey as she learns to embrace her unique qualities and find her place in the world.

  3. "I Eat Poop: A Dung Beetle Story" by Mark Peet: Delve into the fascinating life of a dung beetle and uncover the surprising wonders of nature's ecosystems.

  4. "Perfectly Imperfect Mira" by Faith Pray: Embark on a heart-touching tale of Mira, a young girl who discovers the beauty of imperfection and the strength it brings.

  5. "Room For Everyone" by Naaz Khan: Explore the importance of inclusivity and diversity as this book celebrates the joy of belonging and acceptance.

  6. "If You Were a City" by Kyo Maclear: Journey through a poetic exploration of cities and discover their unique character and vibrant energy.

  7. "Monsters in the Fog" by Ali Bahrampour: Join a group of brave kids as they confront their fears and unravel the mysteries hidden within a foggy town.

  8. "Be a Tree!" by Maria Gianferrari: Learn about the magic of nature and the interconnectedness of all living things through the eyes of a young child.

  9. The TOLA series (e.g., "Too Small Tola") by Atinuke: Follow the adventures of Tola, a determined young girl from Nigeria, as she tackles everyday challenges with courage and resilience.

  10. Dog Man series (e.g., "Grime and Punishment") by Pilkey: Dive into the hilarious escapades of Dog Man, the crime-fighting hero with the head of a dog and the body of a cop.

  11. "Phoebe and her Unicorn" by Simpson: Join Phoebe and her best friend, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, as they embark on whimsical and magical adventures.

  12. "Enemy Pie" by Derek Munson: Discover the power of friendship and the importance of empathy in this heartwarming story about overcoming differences.

  13. "Bartalli's Bicycle" by Megan Hoyt: Experience the incredible true story of Gino Bartali, an Italian cyclist who used his bike to save lives during World War II.

  14. "Out in the Wild! (Bug Scouts #1)" by Mike Lowery: Join the Bug Scouts on their outdoor exploration filled with fascinating facts about insects and nature.

  15. "Big Tree" by Brian Selznick: Dive into a captivating wordless picture book that tells a touching story about the power of friendship and connection.

  16. "The Girl Who Drew Butterflies: How Maria Merian's Art Changed Science" by Joyce Sidman: Explore the extraordinary life of Maria Merian, a trailblazing artist and scientist who made groundbreaking discoveries.

  17. "Climate Warriors: Fourteen Scientists and Fourteen Ways We Can Save Our Planet" by Laura Gehl: Learn from fourteen inspiring scientists as they share their passion for the environment and provide actionable ways

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