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Raymond Pyle

Raymond Pyle has been an H4 teacher with Horizons for three summers. Inspired to enter the teaching force by the joy he received from serving as a tutor during college, Raymond entered the Horizons summer program through the Urban Teachers program and has continued to come back summer after summer because of the people.

“The people in general bring you back. Horizons is one of those places when you start they make you feel welcome, they make you feel important, and it continues throughout the whole summer. Even when the summer is over they continue to check in with you and just make you feel appreciated. I think as teachers we strive for that and we grow in areas where we are supported heavily. At Horizons they do that. They always provide some type of training. If you have any questions, there is always someone who can give you an answer and it’s something that made me feel comfortable to say I know where I’m going to go this summer, I’m going to work at Horizons. I want to go back to Horizons because it felt like a family unit.”

Watch the video to hear more of Raymond’s story.